SHO Bros Garage offers both residential and commercial garage door service in Las Vegas.

The services they provide include the following:

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Installation

Our expert technicians install residential and commercial garage doors of all types. We even do 1-day installation service for residential garage doors. We even customize it to fit your special needs such as to function as security gates, warehouse doors or even doors with wi-fi devices for additional monitoring ad security. No work is too small or too big for us.

Garage Door Components’ Repair

Broken garage door opener, springs, tracks, or rollers, we can easily repair that for you. We won’t subject you to costs and replacements that are needed. We’ll provide you with reasonable cost-estimates and many choices for troubleshooting and allow you to decide on your own the type of repair you want for your garage doors. We’ll always consider your budget and not provide you anything with HIDDEN costs. We are always upfront and honest regarding out services. Only extreme satisfaction for you.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Replacing panels could be challenging especially for customized garage doors. Panels are unique for every garage door set-up and require careful handling – from installation, to set up, up to making sure that everything is fitted perfectly. It requires even a bit of extra touch for garage doors that have unique painting or finishing touch. Garage door experts should handle this correctly to ensure that the appearance of the garage door would be as good as new and without traces that it was not long ago got replaced.

For this job, we are your best choice.

Custom Garage Doors

Some property owners simply want to be unique. As such, requires a more specialized type of garage door. For this specific need, we are ready for you. We take care of everything to work accordingly in what you have in mind. We set it up from scratch, taking care of the materials you prefer, the styles, the color, and even the brand for other hardware you want. We make sure that they are working well together and would not only stand out but complement your homes.

Inspection and Maintenance

SHO Bros Garage offers inspection and maintenance service. We know that a garage door is not an easy investment. It costs money and needs maintenance to last. As such, we offer to check on your garage doors from time to time to prevent you from making constant repairs when it could be helped in the first place. We make sure that you get you maximum returns for this investment.


If you have more inquiries, feel free to contact us anytime. Our agents and technicians are always ready to answer your inquiries any time you call.