SHO Bros Garage has been meeting your garage door needs since 1980. We offer a full-range of garage door services at the most affordable prices without compromising the quality of the service we provide and our products. Our number one mission is to provide everyone with repairs immediately after you call.

SHO Bros Garage is founded by Steven Kohl and is a family-owned company local in the area. As such, that makes us the best technicians to call as we are already familiar with the ins and outs of the area which is important especially in times of emergencies. We are also quick to respond and could be there at your doorsteps immediately anytime you call.

We make it a point to never disappoint to leave everyone with a smile and satisfaction of our handiwork. As a proof of our hard work, we have consistently been commended through various channels due to our dedication and great customer service. We already have hundreds of customers who make us their number one service provider in town – and that number is continuously growing as we aim to do better and improve more for our customer’s satisfaction.

Add the fact that out technicians are polite and friendly and always makes our customers a priority on the service they provide. A win-win solution for everyone.

We specialize in both installation and repair of all models of garage doors, garage door openers and any garage door hardware. We provide upgrades and custom-jobs for special needs. Whether it is for added security or added beauty, we do a great job for it all. After we are done with your garage doors, it would be a source of “WOW factor” in the neighborhood.

SHO Bros Garage also makes use of the most advanced tools and technology in the market. For every repair jobs we take, we make sure that we give it our 100%. Thu, we always aim to be up-to-date with technological advances to remain truthful to our words. Plus, the non-stop trainings and exporsure we give to our agents to further their knowledge and craft.

For SHO Bros Garage, we never fall short of high standards whenever we do our jobs. Anything else is simply unacceptable.